Best Long Term Partners According to Myers-Briggs

Best Long Term Partners According to Myers-Briggs

When you are looking for a partner, there are many things that you will look for.  There are some things that are overlooked such as obvious things like rather you will get along or if you have the right personality to fit together.

Myers-Briggs personality has learned to test different personality types to see what kind of relationships fit together.  These are personality types that take a good approach to life and know what they want.  They want to share their life with people that will give them romance, fun and happiness.


The ISFP personality type is an adventurer.  They are easy to get along with and when you know them well, you will see that they will try anything.  They are very loyal and serious when they come into relationships.  When they give you their heart, they mean it fully.


The ESFJ personality type is the consul and they are warm hearted and want peace in their life.  They give all they have in their relationships and they expect you to do the same.  They want to go on dates and figure out who the right person to be with is.  They want to be with people that balance them and believe in forever love.


The ENTJ personality type is the commander and they have goals and know how to reach them.  They want to have a partner that will share their success and they focus on long-term goals.  They don’t waste their time on short-term relationships or one-night stands.  They are looking for a partner that values togetherness and will give their heart.


The INTJ personality is the architect in a relationship.  They want to build a foundation and see if the person that they are talking to is committed and willing to form a true bond.  They want a partner that will challenge their mind and will expand how they view the world.  They are skeptical of other people and they want a physical connection but even more a mental connection.


When you are looking to get into a serious relationship, take time to take your Myers-Briggs personality test and see what type of personality you have.

After you complete your personality test, find out what you want in a partner and which partner you fit the best with.  Remember, most people have goals when looking for a partner and see what goals that you have and compare them to the goals of others.

Never underestimate a personality test and make sure that you see if you and your partner are compatible before you decide if you and them should be together.

Remember that not all personalities will fit together and so if you are questioning your decision on a partner, see if it is because your personalities do not fit together.  Work hard to find true love and it will come to you.

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