Are You A Mom Who’s Divorced? is an online community and resource especially for mothers who are divorced. It offers them an online forum to connect and communicate with other divorced moms about their experiences, and to discover advice and information from experts.

When marriages break down, women need support. This special online forum is filled with other women who know first-hand what it feels like, and how best to offer that support. They can help other women in similar situations make the best decisions possible as they face the emotionally charged prospect of divorce.

The content on is provided by fellow divorced mothers, as well as the top bloggers and experts who focus on all of the aspects at the intersection of motherhood and divorce. Let become your own special online place. It’s a trustworthy source of information and guidance for you whether you’re facing the prospect of a divorce, are going through one, or are seeking to find your new normal after a divorce.

Nobody can better understand what you’re going through – the sadness and pain, the liberty and empowerment, and yes, even the humor – than other moms who, just like you, are there themselves or have been there. will help you form direct connects other divorced moms. Though nationwide, it’s truly a community where you’ll find empathy and support.

You likely have a lot you’d like to say, and gives you the perfect forum to express yourself. Other moms need to hear from you. We do, too. This is true if you’re in your early 20s, newly separated from your husband and are mom to a toddler, or in your mid-50s, divorced for 24 years and mom to three grown children, or somewhere in between. Whatever your situation, the perspective you have to offer will be valuable for other moms out there. Consider becoming a regular contributor to You’ll be able to share about all of your unique but relatable experiences in our dynamic online community.

Our Team was developed by Lauren MacFadden, a divorced mom herself, in 1999 after she gained a following on an online bulletin board. Lauren launched the web site when she realized that the community of divorced mothers was not yet being served online in the unique ways that could best support the women.

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