20 Silent Methods People Use to Show Love

Silent Methods People Use to Show Love

Not everyone displays their emotions in their voice.  Instead, one must pay special attention to body language and the impactful gestures that conveys their romantic feelings.

Here are 20 silent methods that people use to show love:

  1. Physical contact: People who love you want to protect you and provide you comfort.  Men especially thrive on the sensations of protectiveness that arise from being close to you.  They can use contact as a signal to world that you are a couple.  Notice how often your partner has their arm around you, holds your hand, hugs you randomly, tries to cuddle you, sits or walks closely to you, and gives you “accidental” touches.
  2. Gift giving: Presents are central to one of the five love languages.  Gifts aren’t always materialistic, they can be small or free, but are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Pay attention if your partner sends you love notes, surprised purchases of your favorite snack or drinks, virtual gifts for your online character, or sudden last night massage.
  3. Active listening: People pay special attention to the words of people they care about.  No detail about your day will be too small, or rant too over the top for your special person.  They treasure your insights and opportunity to learn more about you.  They want to provide as much support for you as possible.
  4. Smiles after kissing you: Kissing releases endorphins and this is especially true for couples.  If your partner smiles even after a gentle peck on your forehead, this is a sign they are head over heels for you.
  5. Always sweats the small stuff: When you love someone, no detail is ever too small.  This includes knowing your favorites things, your wonderous quirks, details of your conversations or dates, and even what you wore on special days.  Of course, no one has a mind like a steel trap, but they make efforts to retain even the smallest detail because you time together is so precious to them.
  6. Posture changes: This is especially true when they notice you entering a room or approaching them.  Do they straighten up, broaden their chest, roll back shoulders, or become more alert or personably?  These are signs they want you think highly of them.
  7. Take an interest in your hobbies: Every person is special with unique passions, likes and dislikes.  This means that you two won’t share every interest, but they will make an effort to understand why something is special to you.  They will support your hobbies and passions, ask meaningful questions, offer to participate some way, want to learn about your passions and be eager to listen to you talk about your interests.
  8. Plans for the future: When someone loves you there is no part of their future that doesn’t include you somehow.  They will take your timeline and needs into consideration so your goals can be aligned as you work together to achieve them.
  9. Forgives easily: There is no way to complete avoid disagreements, or even arguments.  But people who love each other will work tireless to find compromises and be quick to forgive.  If something is really bothering them, they will talk about it so that you can get your relationship back on track.  Keep in mind, that if you were at fault, it is up to you to apologize to them so you can correct your oversights and earn back their trust.
  10. Honors your alone time: Your partner will understand that at times you both will need your own space.  This allows you both to recharge, explore your unique hobbies and have something new and exciting to share the next time you get back together.
  11. Caring acts: People enjoy doing nice things for people they love.  Some simple, yet meaningful acts may include holding the door open for you, cooking you breakfast in bed, checking to make sure you got home safely, running out to get your cold medicine or comfort food when you are sick.
  12. Eye contact: Eye contact helps to strengthen a bond people share.  It can also show you that even after all these months or years you still take their breath away.
  13. Eager for you interact with their loved ones: When someone wants to blends their worlds it’s a clear indication that they are in love.  They know you will be around for the long haul and so they want you to begin to build bonds with other people they care about.  Plus, it gives them additional opportunities to show your off!
  14. Intimate touches: Going beyond the sexual, small physical acts indicates sincere love and affections.  It seems like every time you have a physical graze you both get bolts of electricity course through you.  These touches could include kissing your shoulders as they pass by, touch your hand or knee under a table, or use their fingers like a paintbrush on your arm.
  15. Attentiveness: People in love ensure your core needs are met, if not exceeded.  Signs they are focusing on your wellbeing include: taking care of you when sick, offering to help you move or with a last-minute ride, helping you craft a task list, predict future needs or wants, and constantly work to bring a smile to your face.
  16. Protectiveness: When someone loves a person, they want to protect them at all costs.  At times this might feel annoying, but try to see it as a sweet and caring act, as long as they aren’t acting possessive or controlling.  Here are a few healthy forms of protectiveness:  Making sure you are on the inside when walking together down a sidewalk, being a back up when you have to navigate sharing difficult news, has your back when people are being disrespecting towards you.
  17. Constantly smiles: Love makes people happy.  Sometimes this happiness is so all consuming one grins from ear to ear when they are with their lover.
  18. Mirroring: This is a powerful nonverbal cue.  When we are close to a person, we start reflecting each other’s habits, traits and postures.  It makes us appear even more favorable to the other person, and actually reinforces a preexisting bond
  19. Flusters easily: We also want to make a positive impression on the person we love.  Therefore, its only natural one can become easily nervous of anxious with someone they care for deeply.  Notice if your partner is quick to blush, plays with their hair, struggles with eye contract, bites lips or nails, and fidgets regularly.  This is a sign their feelings for you are so all encompassing.
  20. Treasures quality time together: We want to spend as much time with the people we love as possible.  You don’t have to have a mind-blowing date to create lasting memories together.  Sometimes it’s the simple moments together that are the most special.  If your crush is struggling to vocalize their love for you, pay attention to more subtle cues like accompanying you on errands, binges your favorite reality show with you, brings you a surprise cup of coffee at work or helps split up household chores to make it more fun for you.

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