Ways of attracting a life partner who is also your soul mate

Ways of attracting a life partner who is also your soul mate

Your soul mate complements you.  When you both meet, you feel like there’s a connection and there’s a deep bond. You are both interested in the same things and communication just flows freely. You share growth and lessons.

We have several soul mates.  Our colleagues and friends fit into this category.  Because we have many soul mates, you want to find a soul mate who is also a life mate.

  1. Know yourself

Many people who don’t know what they like and want are the ones who don’t attract what satisfies them. If you don’t know yourself, you won’t discover your soul mate.  Be honest with yourself, what you appreciate and value in life. You will open yourself up to attracting a life partner who is also a soul mate if you stay open to yourself.

  1. Be yourself

Are you following the pack or following yourself? Do research. If you are aware of what you want in a soul mate but settle for what you are told you should look for, you will never be satisfied. You will attract more partnerships if you be yourself.

  1. Live by your terms

If you want to attract your soul mate, you have to engage in things that you love doing and activities that reflect your true colors. Visit places that make you happy.by doing so, we will attract individuals that match our kind of lifestyle and likes.

  1. Live wholly

You will attract whole people if you are living from a place of wholeness and not those who are living a complicated life. You just want to be complemented in a relationship and not completed. Both of you should be equal.

  1. Be soul led

Focus on both soul qualities and outer package. Most people tend to focus only on the physical look and types.  The soul qualities are the traits that are true and authentic if you pay attention to both, you’ll not only attract an individual who excites you physically but who appeals to you also both mentally, physically and spiritually.

  1. Go with your own pace

We are not the same when it comes to pace. Some go slow, some go fast. If we are more in sync with ourselves, we will also be with our soul mate. A relationship flows depending on how both partners relate to each other.

  1. Live a meaningful life

When you live a meaningful life, you attract happy individuals who love their life too. Your soul mate should be happy and satisfied with life.

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