Being Unlucky in Love

Being Unlucky in Love

Being lucky means that you want to get something that you want, and you want to have good things in your life. Luck is sometimes thought of as superstition and does not happen to every person and it seems that it happens more to people that don’t deserve it and never to you, who does.

Luck is something that you cannot control such as finding money laying on the ground or winning the lottery, finding a guy that will love you and finding a best friend that will make everyone else in the world jealous.

Even though you wish that you had luck, most people wish that they had luck in love. Being unlucky in love is not a rare thing and when you want so bad to find love, chances are you will become desperate and you will complicate relationships even more.

When you complicate things, it causes your defense mechanism to shine and you overthink everything. You make things more complicated and you do not take action when you should.

When you are desperate, it causes you to pick people that are not good for you. Some people have insecurities and triggers or are afraid of love because of heartache, while others just feel that they are not ever making the right calls.

People need to know that you have to create your own luck. You can turn your unlucky love life into a place that makes you feel lucky.

When you sabotage your own luck, it makes it hard for you to find someone. You sometimes feel that you are not enough, and you are worthless. If you have a weight problem, you will realize that weight is not always the issue, but it is a situation inside of our lives that cause us to be irrational.

We know that we are doing things that we shouldn’t do such as go on blind dates and play dumb or overdress or do destructive behaviors that cause you to not ever meet the right person.


You have to figure out what you want and make it simple. You need to identify the goals that you have, and you need to figure out what kind of person that you want to meet. Your goal should be to be happy, to grow with the person that you love and to not let anyone take you out of your happiness.

You need to make things simpler and not procrastinate. Make your goals attainable. Do not be heartbroken or depressed when things do not happen fast.


You need to find the right energy and not feel bad when things do not go the way that you want. Take people out of your life and put people back in your life. Cut yourself out of things that cause you pain and agony.


You need to connect with someone that you are interested in. If you are rejected after a first date, know that it is a thing that happens. You have to learn to be trusting and to not be jealous and to allow your self-esteem to show through.

If there is no connection, you can be hurt but you need to know that there was no connection and be able to turn it off just like you would your cell phone.


Have standards. Do not feel that you have to lower what you want in life or change who you are because of not being able to find love.


When you are interested, learn to lead in a way that shows what you are feeling. Have a goal to be better and to let your life be happy. Always lead in a relationship with trust and honesty and do not go in thinking that you should lie or be someone else. Love who you are and be that person.

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