When You Are Unlucky in Love

When You Are Unlucky in Love

Nothing is harder than seeing your friends in bad relationships.  No matter how much they try, they continuously meet men that never treat them the way that they deserve.

Is He Cheating?

Sometimes, the reason that women are not successful is because they get attached too quickly and they allow their emotions to play too big of a role in their relationship.

Until a woman can date and find a guy that treats them right, they will create a dating situation where they make the same mistakes over and over again.


Women need to stop feeling for themselves and need to get rid of negative thoughts that cause them to feel defeated.  People that are full of pity are not fun to hang out with.  How you look or what you know has nothing to do with how guys see you, it is how you see yourself.

When someone is confident, people are attracted to them.  They don’t complain about their flaws and they are focused on having fun and making life work out for them.

Stop Crying

Never cry about someone of the opposite sex.  Guys are not worth crying over and there are plenty of them out there.  Even if you feel bad, feel bad, get mad but don’t allow yourself to be crying and to be upset with who you are.  Learn to have confidence and demand to be treated differently.  Be assertive and confident.

Be Mysterious

Never reveal too much about yourself when you first start being in a relationship.  Women will sometimes become insecure and will tell all of the thoughts and emotions that they have to the man they are dating.  This can be too much for a guy to handle and you need to take time to open up to all of your thoughts and feelings.

When you tell a guy how you feel about them, be smart about it.  Don’t do this right away and let the relationship advance some before you start even considering an idea of marriage or even long-term dating.  Don’t fall into the trap of talking about being serious too fast.

Put in Effort

Women need to learn to put less effort in a relationship and make the guy put in more effort.  If you are giving 100% of yourself, how much does that leave them to give?  If you see that a guy is not putting in effort, back off and make them work to be able to date you.  Don’t let them get too comfortable.

Stop Going to Them

Women have to stop going to the guys when they start dating.  If you are always driving to his house, he doesn’t have to commit to pick you up.  If you are driving over just for a roll in the hay, you are not causing him to have to put anything into the relationship.

If he asks you to come over and has no plan but to have sex, tell him no.  Spend time with guys that want to put in an effort to get to know you.  Have them take you out and treat you to something special.

When women live at home and don’t want their man to pick them up because of parents or kids at the home, do it anyways.  Let them get to know your family and let them know why you live in the situation you do.  Don’t try to hide who you are and be confident in your own skin.  If you live with your parents, don’t be embarrassed about it, make him pick you up and meet them.


Never accept a guy asking you out the next day.  If he wants to see you, he needs to work on your time, and he needs to plan ahead.

Men like to chase after you and they want a woman that is challenging and fun to go after.  They won’t admit this to be true, but all guys like a good chase.

A woman that is always free and gives into the guy anytime he calls is rather boring.  The relationship will never go in her favor.  If she wants to just hook up then she can, but if she does this, he will not have nearly as much respect for her as he would if she would make him work for her time.

Even in long-term relationships, women need to be careful to not be always giving into what the men want.  You have to learn to have a life outside of just your partner and you need to let them know that you are not always available at their call.

Things to Avoid

When you want a relationship to work, there are some things that you should never do when you are dating a guy.


A woman should never call a guy first and should only call if she is returning his call.  Women that are too fast to call will always seem desperate and it can turn off the guy right away.  It can be overwhelming for a guy when a woman texts or calls too much and women need to seem to be busy, even when they aren’t.  Find some activities to get involved in.

Let the guy call you for the first few months before you start calling first.  When he shows that he wants to put energy into calling you, then take time out of your day to call him.  Let him see your effort, but don’t be the only one to put effort in.

Call or Text

Remember that you are a busy woman and you don’t have time to call and text someone back immediately.  Even if you get a call and text and you want to call them right back, just sit back and wait.  Don’t seem too anxious.  Don’t ever sit by the phone waiting for a guy to call you.  Go out and live your life and wait and see what nature brings.

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