8 Powerful Lessons You Learn from Unrequited Loved

8 Powerful Lessons You Learn from Unrequited Loved

Love is the purest source of energy in the universe.  However, the human experience with love can become muddled when we search for love outside ourselves.  When you love someone and they fail to return your affection it can cause extreme pain.  Yet, there are also many lessons and even blessings that can be gain.

Read on to discover eight insights you can gain only from one-sided love:

  1. Love is your core

Only when we face not having our love returned can we see how love makes up our essence.  The struggle over the failed affair forces us to go deep within ourselves where we are able to learn that we truly are worthy.  At the root of our being is the source for all joy, peace and love.  When we realize that we are love, we release the compulsion to search for it externally.  We then are able to love radically and with all we encounter for the betterment for all.

  1. Receive and giving love are unique experiences

Love is something that must be given freely and never expected.  The very act of wanting love sends you on an endless chase.  Also, if you love with conditions then your love is not pure and won’t benefit the universal collective.

When you experience unrequited love, you learn that act of loving is risk because there are never any guarantees.  Through this hardship you have come to understand that all relationships, and life itself is transient.  You learn that you can only rely on yourself, but the gift of love is always worth taking the risk since it gives life its flavor and purpose.  It is always better to express love and act lovingly rather than chasing or waiting for love to find you.

  1. Love has rules

Although love is passion expressed, true love is more mature.  Only when love eludes us can we understand that love must be cultivated and nurtured.  It requires mutual disciplines and persistent work by both partners in order for it to flourish in your lives.

  1. Love is an act

People frequently say that love is a feeling.  In fact, true love is act filled with consistency, thoughtfulness and mindful decisions.  At its purest, all parties work for the sincere well-being of one another. We must never have expectations of love, but instead pay close actions to each other’s words and actions.  If actions fail to support your growth and happiness then it is not true love.

  1. Time is a precious gift

When we are in love we can be lost to the concept of time.  Only when that love leaves us do we comprehend all the opportunities we might have missed out on along the way.

Life is too fleeting to waste on waiting for someone to return your affections.

You must focus your resources only on people that prove themselves worthy of your energy and affection.

  1. Be true to yourself

Life is too short for us to be anything less than authentic.  Recommit yourself to enjoying moments of childlike wonder and dancing the beat of your own drum.  When you experience unreturned love, you can realize what makes you special and desired, and be freed from the needs of external validation.  If you find someone loves you only because of a role you are playing or any other conditions it’s not genuine and you should end the relationship.  When you remain true to yourself the right people will find you and remain in your life and you all will be richer for it!

  1. Love teaches

Heartache provides you an opportunity to contemplate and reevaluate your priorities in life, or where you ought to focus your energy.  The pain of loss adds levels of humility and depth to your life and provides you an avenue to share in other’s hardships and help them advocate for a better quality of life.

  1. Love has its own timeline

There is nothing like rejection to demonstrate that you shouldn’t look for love.  Love will find you only when you are ready to receive it fully.  By removing the barriers that prevent you from growing, you create a culture of positivity and sincere receptivity.  Love will enter your life when you can accept the totality of your spirit and receive any affection with a full and open heart.

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