Why You Should Never Date Your Best Friend

Why You Should Never Date Your Best Friend

If you decide that you want to date your best friend, chances are you think this is a fabulous idea. Who else do you have so much in common with or who lease are you ever going to be that close to? Going beyond a friendship might seem strange but when you have a date and you know exactly what the other person is feelings Ans thinking, what can go wrong?

Chances are if you dated your friend, it would not work out and then you will lose that person that you were so close to. You might keep talking to each other on special holidays or you might not talk at all, especially if the relationship goes sour.

Dating your friend can seem like it has many benefits, and it can seem like a good idea, but remember that a lot of disasters can come with this kind of relationship.

Even if you are dating your best friend and it is working out, it will always be complicated.

Here are some things to consider before dating your best friend:


Sex will change things when you are dating your friend. You will get to the point where you will have sex and then nothing is ever the same. Once you are intimate with someone, you will never look at the person the same. This is why dating your best friend can be a risk.

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you have more to lose than just a date, but you have a friendship to lose. You are putting all of your cards on the table and taking a chances that if things do not work out that your friend will walk way.

Friends hardly ever go back to being friends if a relationship goes sour. If your relationship doesn’t work out, you are going to have an ex instead of a friend. Be careful when you make this decision.

Lose Them Forever

If you break up with your friend or they break up with you, it will be painful and hurtful, but it will be worse when you realize that you have lost your best friend. This means that your relationship breakup will be twice as painful, and you will feel a loss that is almost unbearable.

Dating your best friend means you are crossing a line and you cannot ever go back to just being friends. It is a big risk that you are taking.

If you are trying to convince yourself that you should go out with your friend, weigh in the pros and cons and if you want to take the risk, you could lose everything.

Take a chance to step outside of the situation and really think it over. Do this before you sleep with your friend because once you do, there is no going back.

Red Flags

It is easier for you to see red flags in a relationship when you aren’t friends with them. When you are with your best friend, you allow them to act or do things that you do not pay attention to. These things could be things that you would never approve of in your own relationship.

Since you do not see these things in your best friend, if they have red flags, chances are that you will miss them along the way.

Your friend might do something that you would never approve of and you would forget to filter them because they are your friend.

You might even try to dismiss their behavior because being friends is different than dating and even though you know your best friend, you don’t know what it is like to date them.

When you don’t know someone well, you will start dating them and you will be careful not to let your guard down. If you date your best friend, you will not realize things are wrong until you are deep into the relationship.

Knows You Too Well

When you start dating your friend, you will see that they know you too well. You want to get to know the person you are dating, but your best friend will already know everything about you, even things about your past that are dirty. They will know all of your secrets and this is hard in romance.

Dating your best friend takes out the mystery in dating because they know everything about you. You will have a hard time learning new things about them and keeping the relationship exciting.

Usually, your partner will find things out about you slowly but if you date your best friend, they will already know.


There is a difference between being best friends and being partners. Life can be hard when you are waiting for your friend to step up and this can cause a mess.

Just because you are friends, it doesn’t mean that you will be compatible as lovers or partners. You have to know that when things get serious, you will assume that your best friend will be compatible with you but that is hardly ever the case.

Your best friend will be completely different than what kind of partner you dreamed of and this can be hard for you.

You might think you are getting everything you want but you are really just getting what your best friend gives you at the moment and this cannot stay hidden forever.

No Best Friend

Once you start dating your best friend, who are you going to turn to when your best friend hurts your feelings? You will lose that person that is you to go person and you will find that you have no one to talk to about things in your relationship or what is going on in your life.

If things go bad in the relationship, you will lose your partner and your best friend just because things don’t work out.

Your best friend is likely there to comfort you and to help you when things go bad, but if you are dating them and you break up, who are you going to go to?

Who will you cry to and who will you text and call? You can never go back to your best friend after a fight or an argument because they will be the one that you are fighting with. You will never have anyone that is there for you like your best friend.

You might have other friends that you can talk to, but it will not be the same.


When you are in a relationship with your friend, you might find that there is a lot of drama. This can cause new emotions and new feelings to emerge. These can come if you have found that all of a sudden you become jealous over who your best friend hangs out with.

Since you turned your best friend into your partner, you will expect them to act like a partner, but they also have other friends. If you choose to date them, you will have to realize that you will have to let them have relationships with other people. This kind of friendship will be hard to understand because most of your partners friends were your friends too.

Even though you will be there for them, you have to realize too that your partner will need a new best friend, and this can cause a lot of jealousy.


Rather you choose to date your best friend or not, you need to take into consideration that everything will change if you make this choice.

There is a chance that you will have a good relationship but there is also a chance that the relationship will end and that you will lose your best friend.

Be wise in your decision and make sure you are ready for that change.

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