Ways of handing, loving and dating a married man

Ways of handing, loving and dating a married man

Guidance for being in a relationship with a married man

You might not have chosen to fall in love with a married but there are times when even the most intelligent ladies can’t withhold themselves. It can be painful to date a married man and can be good as well. This article, however, does not intend to judge anyone but to give you tips on what you need to expect and how to handle it.

Below is my advice and things you need not forget.

  1. Regardless of what he says, know that his family will always be his first priority.
  2. If he lied to you at the beginning that he wasn’t married, you have to consider whether he is someone you can trust.
  3. Have your own life just like he has his own life. Do not sacrifice everything for him, go on dates and socialize with other men. Since he is not giving up everything for you, you shouldn’t give up everything for him either.
  4. If he happens to divorce his wife for you then the relationship will change. There will be no room for fun and games.
  5. Get something out of the relationship. Let him support you financially. Make sure you’re benefiting and the relationship is worth your time.
  6. Know that whatever you’re doing is risky and be honest to yourself.
  7. Know that he will never leave his wife for you.
  8. Never let your relationship with him hinder you from seeing other people. Regardless of what he says he is still having sex with his wife.

If you are in love with a married man, take note of the following

Never sacrifice yourself for him

If you want to find happiness, then think and act the way men do. Men will never put their relationships first and that’s the reason why they tend to be happier than women. Women always pay too much attention to a man they meet and their entire lives will depend on the man. After meeting someone who sweeps them off their feet they will forget all their plans and put them on hold.

It’s not good even if the guy is not married. Otherwise, if he is then you have just jumped into the direct fire because you are giving yourself up to someone who doesn’t belong to you.

Control your emotions and if the man is lying to you then you should consider and know if the relationship is worth your time or not.

Leverage your relationship

Know if the relationship is worth your time. If he does everything for you and supports you financially, pay your bills or has bought you home then it’s worth your time.

Be honest with yourself

Be truthful to yourself. There is a high chance he has been dating many women over the years if he is married and you don’t see any sign of him leaving his wife. This pattern is always common and when a man has it then he has a tendency of cheating on different ladies and dumps them.

It’s true that a man will only take advantage of you if you allow him. It’s therefore up to you to take action to avoid being taken advantage of.

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