Taking your time to fall in love is a good thing

Taking your time to fall in love is a good thing

It has been said that you shouldn’t waste your time on someone who treats you as if you’re ordinary. If you do, you run the risk of falling in love with the wrong people. It’s hard to hear and acknowledge that when you are young, but as you grow older you get used to the idea of being treated well. Once you accept that, it is easier to demand respect. This makes you a little pickier when it comes to selecting a mate.

One of the most important things you learn when you gain some life experience is how important it is to love yourself.  The side effect to this is that putting yourself first is the best thing you can do.  There is a certain amount of giving you need to do as you interact with each other, but you have to put yourself first.

The kind of partner you want to attract is the someone who appreciates you for who you really are and  understands why you put yourself first.  This may takes some time, but ultimately you will find a quality partner.

Another factor that will lead to your happiness is that if you have been single for a while, your life is filled with things that you find enjoyable. You work towards your own happiness.  Having a full life will help you be selective as you find an companion for your life as it is.

Something else that works in your favor is the fact that you have already been through the healing process that comes after  the dissolution of a relationship and not only do you know your own survival skills, you are also more protective of yourself.  This will help you as you navigate the seas  of a new relationship.

A great thing about being single and getting older is that you know how to be alone. You have time for self-reflection and the freedom to do what you like. This type of self-care helps us focus on what we truly want out of our lives.

At this point in your life, you can see through people who just want to waste your time.  Now that you know this, you can get them out of your life quickly. Enjoy your wisdom for the reward it is.

Another byproduct of your years wisdom, is that you know how to take care of yourself. You can support yourself and have a support system in place.  This allows you to take a risk and if it doesn’t work out, you can always rely on yourself.

So at this point in your life, you can find a relationship that is an enhancement to your life, not your whole life.  This relationship can be rewarding and meaningful.

So you might not be willing to settle for a mere hook up.

It may be important  to remember that while falling in love make take longer when you are older, it is because you are creating a quality experience. And, at this stage of your life, don’t you deserve it.

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