Strange Things that Happen When You Find the Perfect One

Strange Things that Happen When You Find the Perfect One

Finding the perfect partner can happen to you when you least expect it. You will meet someone that almost feels destined to be in your life and you will create lasting memories that and have a fulfilling and happy life.

If you are lucky to find this destined partner a few strange things will happen to you.


You will all of a sudden feel that you have an enlightenment, not like the kind you would get when you meet Buddha but a time where you feel alive and happy. It will be different than how you have felt before and it will be different than things you have experienced in your past.

You will feel happy for what you have with your partner and they will be your rock and your foundation, and no one can take this from you.

Opening Up

Once you are with the perfect partner you will step into new things and out of the dating scene. You will change the way that you act in public and you will be full of passion for the one that you love.

Things You Do

You will do things that you have never thought you would do in front of the opposite sex and it might even be gross like letting off a fart. You will do this because you will be comfortable like never before.


Along with your happiness will come a time where you are fearful, and you will begin to worry that something bad will happen to this person you love. You will be afraid of losing them and this happens the same as a parent.

You will understand that having a nightmare is just part of your fear of losing them.

Unconditional Love

With finding the perfect partner comes the experiences of unconditional love. You will learn how to express yourself and to be happy with someone.

You will love them with all that is in you and you will do things that show love even if they hurt you. You will get to the point where you are willing to give up everything to show them that you love them and to see them happy.


Strange things happen when you find true love. Look for signs of true love on how you change and how you begin to feel. Learn to be happy in your relationship and learn to embrace these new feelings that come with finding the perfect match.

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