Signs a Guy Doesn’t Like You

Signs a Guy Doesn’t Like You

When you wonder if a guy likes you, this is something you should really look in to. Do not give your heart to someone that makes you wonder what they are feeling. There are many signs that shows you that a guy is interested but there are also signs that shows you when a guy does not like you. Even though this can be a hard thing to face, you need to make sure that you are not letting your heart be hurt.

As hard as it is, you have to be objective in your relationship and by doing this, it can save you a lot of pain and heartache. Making sure that someone wants to be romantic with you can lead you to the right steps of where to take your relationship. Before you decide you are in love with them, pay attention to the signs they are giving you. Here are some signs that they might not be into you:

Getting to Know You

One big sign that he does not like is that he does not try to get to know you. He doesn’t ask questions and he is not interested about details about you.


When a guy does not like someone, he will keep a space between you and him. He will not be interested in you and he will not try to close the gap.

Physical Contact

If a guy avoids physical contact with you, he probably is not into being with you but wants to do his own thing.


When a guy is not into you, he might have stiff shoulders, avoid looking at you or cross his arms. His attitude can be reserved. If he acts embarrassed or uncomfortable, he doesn’t like you.


When you like someone you will laugh at things, they do such as tell jokes. If a guy does not laugh or show interest, he is showing you how he feels.


When a guy likes you, he will comment on how you look or things you do. He wants to pay attention to all for the good things about you. If he is not complimenting you, this is a sign.

Noticing You

If a guy does not notice when you change your hair or what you are wearing, chances are he is not interested in you.


A guy that likes you will do things to win you over and if he is flirting with other girls to make you jealous, this is one thing but when he shows complete interest in someone else, he does not like you like you like him.

Dating Advice

A guy that asks you for dating advice is trying to get your opinion on asking someone out, not to be with you. He wants to be romantic, but with someone else.


If you find that you are always having to have conversation, this can be a big sign that your guy does not like you. If he wants to be with you, he will talk to you and try to find out more about you and get attention from you.


Everyone knows when a person is flirting with them and if you find that your guy is not being playful and fun with you, chances are you are not the person on his mind. You need to ask your guy questions and see if he is flirting and fi not, move on.


When a guy likes you, he will be your biggest fan. He will cheer you on and want to see you do great things. If a guy is not into you, he will act like he doesn’t care either way.

Avoids Being Seen

If a guy is not paying you attention and when you are together, he doesn’t want his friends or family to see you together, he is playing you. He wants women to know he is single, and he will make sure you are not seen together. This is a sign that he does not care for you.


Notice if a guy ends up in the same place as you. If this happens often, then chances are he is not trying to be around you. A guy that likes you wants to be where you are and will attract to you.

Calls and Texts

When a guy is interested in you, he will call and text you all that he can. If he isn’t texting or calling you, chances are he is concentrating on someone else.

Unimportant Things

If your conversation is boring, then he is not trying to show you passion and you should look elsewhere.


A guy that likes you will put you first and if you find that he is always changing plans or not trying to see you, then he does not like you. A guy that likes you will try to hang out with you each chance he gets.

Time Together

When a guy likes you, he will spend all the time with you that he can. If you find that your guy is leaving early when you are together or making other plans, he just doesn’t care about you like that.


If you are going to leave somewhere you are at and he does not come with you, you should pay attention to this.

Hanging Out

When a guy likes you, he cares about who you are with. If you find your guy does not get jealous or does not care about other guys being around you then he is not interested in, you and he doesn’t care about what other guys do with you.


A guy that is always looking at his phone when he is with you will not be a person that is worth your time. If he cares more about Facebook than about you, find someone new.


When a guy is interested in you, he will walk you home and make sure that you are safe and that you are not in danger. If a guy just lets you go then chance are, he doesn’t care about you.


A guy who likes you will be there for you when you are upset or sad. He will not ignore it. If he does not pay attention or notice this, he is not about you.


If you are with a guy and he never send you a surprise or does anything to show interest in you, this is a sign he isn’t, and you need to find someone new.


A guy that is interested in you will be vulnerable and will want to tell you all about his emotions. When you find a guy is guarded, he is keeping a distance for a reason.

Impressing You

Does your guy dress messy or not come around you to tell you great things about himself? If this happens then he is not trying to impress you and his heart is elsewhere.

Helping You

If a guy likes you, he should jump in when you need help. If this is not happening and you are always having to ask, he probably does not care much for you.


If you invite a guy to something and he is always telling you he cannot go, chances are he is making excuses so that he does not have to spend time with you.

Contacting You

When a guy likes you, he will text you every day. If you find that a guy is not messaging you or calling you for days at a time, this is a true sign that he is not interested in being with you.

Relationship Status

When a guy likes you, he wants to know if you are taken. He will want to be in your personal business. If this is not happening with someone, they probably do not feel real feelings for you.

Just Tell

Guys will let you know what they are feeling and when you feel that he is not interested in you, chances are he isn’t. He will give you evidence on how he feels and do not be upset if you find that he does not feel the same for you as you do for him. Just be thankful that you figured out his feelings and that you did not get your heart broken.

It is hard to deal with someone not having the same feelings for you but if you are not going to be with someone that really loves and respects you then you need to pull away. If a guy becomes less engaged in you and your feelings, instead of trying to be with him, consider finding someone that does have the same feelings that you have.

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