Settling maybe lonelier than single-hood

Settling maybe lonelier than single-hood

There are tons of reasons for people to marry or otherwise pair up. One of the most common is being alone.

Exposure to the media and conspicuous consumerism have only added to the anxiety of being alone. This has led to the increasing number of people marrying or otherwise settling for someone that would not otherwise choose.

If you are in a lonely and stale relationship, where the only thing you feel is a sense of  “this might as well happen”.This level of disinterest can really bring you down and may cause you to be withdrawn. This will leave you feeling isolated and alone.   This is just a  symptom of a loveless relationship.

If you are tied down in a loveless relationship, you will not have the life you want.

It is important to remember that you do not need to rely on someone else to be happy.  Not everyone is on the road to happiness though marriage or other partnership commitment.  You are not required to be in a relationship to lead a happy healthy life.

When you commit to someone you are not in love with, you are limiting yourself and the one you are committed to. If you want something more, you are robbing your partner of the chance to be with someone who truly cares for them.

Living inside of a lie will rob you of your happiness, and since you can’t be yourself with your partner, it will rob you of your honesty. You will be keeping all of your emotions a deep secret.

When you are unattached, you can freely choose partners and try out any kind of relationship you want.

Being with someone is a choice, not a responsibility.  Being with someone should leave you fulfilled and energized. If your relationship feels like work, you are going to become resentful.  As you become unhappier you may become isolated, because your lack of interest is not limited to your partner, but will extend to your partner’s friends and social circle.  Do you really want to spend another so called happy hour trapped with someone else’s friends? Or another bowling night? Or karaoke evening?

Ask yourself if you are feeling stuck. Are you lying to your partner? Do you feel only even when you are together?  Pay attention to yourself the next time you are with your partner.  If you find yourself pretending or lying about what is going on with your life, it may be time for you to move on. You owe it to both of you to resolve your issues and set yourself free.

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