Guidance for single parents who date

Guidance for single parents who date

Dating is exciting and scary at the same time for quite a number of single parents. You can’t stop being happy. Yet, there are quite a number of questions flowing in your mind about when and how you can introduce your kids.

Look at your relationship

Know well your relationship before you can consider introducing your kids to your partner.  Be true to both your partner and yourself. Not all relationships usually reach that point that requires you to introduce your kids. You might be enjoying and having fun with a person but don’t see any future with them.

Only introduce your kids once you’re sure that the relationship will be a long-term one. This is because the introduction part is very crucial. It leaves your kids to be vulnerably attached to your partner.

If it happens that the relationship doesn’t work, they will also feel the pain when you part ways with your partner just like the last time you had a divorce.


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Important questions to ask yourself

You should ask yourself the following questions before you introduce your new partner to your kids.

  • Do I picture this as a long-term relationship? If not and you still would like him to know your friends, consider introducing him as a friend and let your kids not know anything that’s going on.
  • Do I see this person as being part of my family someday? If the answer is yes, then you should consider introducing your kids at this time.

Speak with your kids

You’ll want to talk with your kids once you’ve decided to be committed to this relationship. You’ll want to make sure you tell them how serious you are and be ready to respond to the inquiries.

How to introduce the interests of your new lover

Just plan an informal retreat where everybody can be themselves. You’re not trying to create a formal environment.

How to plan the initial introduction

Plan something fun. Just contemplate on something you usually enjoy doing as a family.

Be yourself. Do not be stressed. Let your kids know that you are relaxed and comfortable when with this person.

Involve your kids in activities that all of you can do together. This will create a smooth atmosphere.

Offer your assurance

Assure your kids that you love them and will always be there for them. And with time they’ll come to accept that the other person is a very important figure in their life and you’re just increasing your circle.

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