Getting Rid of Your Trust Issues

Getting Rid of Your Trust Issues

Having a partner means that you need to face issues that you have with your past. Do you remember things that happened to you that left you feeling untrusting and betrayed and you are having a hard time trusting your current partner? If this happens, know that truth is easy for some and others have a harder time trusting others due to heartbreak and unworthy actions from their partner.

These people might have a hard time moving forward and will have a hard time trusting other people because of past issues. Here are some ways you can overcome this:

Be Present

One way that you can overcome the trust issues is to be present with people in your life. Take time for your friends, family, and your partner. If you have a partner that has cheated on you, you have to fix it and promise to move forward. They have to learn from what they did wrong to you and move forward as well and you both have to get over your hurt and start building trust again. You must get rid of your past thinking and let go of it.


If you are still holding on to unforgiveness then you will not be able to see your relationship grow. You have to understand that your partner did you wrong, but you have to learn to move forward and find a way to forgive them and let them go.

Let go of unforgiveness and learn to trust them again. This takes time but it is possible.

Repeating Mistakes

Breaking up with your partner after they have hurt you can seem harsh but if you feel that you are not able to trust them again, then moving on can be the best choice. Do not look back or take them back. Stop being around people that are always treating you badly.

You will never have trust for this person, and it will cause your relationship to suffer.

What You Want

Even though some people have let you down, it will not stop there. You will always find that life is hard and that things will not work out the way that you hoped it would. Stop thinking on this thing and find out what makes you happy.

Know what you want and what you need and do not take less.


Learn to let go of fear of trusting people. Even though we all build walls, we have to learn to trust and learn to open up to love. Love can bring us joy and can help us to move forward in life but if you are worried about trusting someone, let it go.


If you want to be with someone that has hurt you or if you are dealing with hurt or rejection from your past, you have to know what you want in order to move forward.

Look deep inside of yourself and find what you really want in life and in your relationship and choose if it is worth it to move on with them or to move on alone.

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