Getting Over Your Exes According to Enneagram

had your heart broken in the past

Have you been dating someone for a long time, but you have had your heart broken in the past? No matter how many times you have picked yourself back up after getting your heart broke, it can be hard to let go and start over.

There is no real way to heal from your heart being broken but one method is using your Enneagram type. If you don’t know what this is, this is a way that you organize personalities based on what motivates you and what scares you or what matters to you the most. This can help you to see the world when things are hard and can tell you about how you handle pain of a heartbreak and how to heal. These ways might sound strange or even familiar to you based on what kind of personality you have.


A perfectionist normally sees things in black or white, good, or bad. This is often a type one personality and they don’t like breakups because they are confusing and challenging. They keep themselves at such a high standard that they choose not to analyze why the breakup happened but instead just delete it out of their thoughts and life.


There are people that are taken care of and people that take care of others. A helper is someone that is always there for you and will love someone no matter what. Breakups for them are hard because it makes them feel that they are unworthy to be loved. When they feel this way, they often pick-up projects so that they can move on in life.


A person that is an achiever will put all of their energy into the things they want to do in their life including their love life. When they are in a relationship that ends, they use the failed relationship to reach their goals and they strive for self-wroth. They set new goals and then reach them while they are healing.


The romantic has a hard time when heartbreak happens. They are into their emotions and hurt and pain will set in and will cause them to feel that they are in a crisis. They will heal and move on, but it takes time.


This is a person that is very independent and knows what they want. They study and figure out what to do in life and they leave no room for emotions to get in the way. They deal with their emotions but putting their mind into a project.


This kind of person wants to be secure and they are slow to trust others and they make people earn this. When the relationship ends, they both get hurt and feel violated. These people go to their friends and family to get support because that is their safety.


These people love to have freedom and to find new things to experience. They are independent and they get over breakups easy. They just accept it as another experience in their life.


The protector is a powerful person, and they aren’t afraid to confront situations head on. They are proud of who they are and fight for what they believe in. A breakup can feel like a betrayal and this can lead them to have anger.

If they want to heal, they have to work on their emotions. They can heal best when they find physical things to do to get rid of their anger.


This kind of person wants everyone to be happy and they see things from different points of view. They want everything to be okay and to be smooth. If a relationship for them ends, they feel that they are the reason. They feel abandoned and they feel that their heart will never heal.

These people need to have time to work through their pain and to wallow in their self-pity for a while.


No matter what personality or you Enneagram says about you, breakups are hard, and they take time to heal and move on. Always take care of yourself and know that you are not in a marathon to find someone new. Take time for yourself before you move on.

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