Finding Authenticity and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Finding Authenticity and Intimacy in Your Relationship

Even though opening up to our partner should be the easiest thing that we can do, not everyone is able to do that. Even if you have unconditional love for your partner, you might not be able to open up to them completely and be that intimate with them.

This can happen because of events in your past or past trauma that you have experienced, and it might have caused you not to understand or be able to be intimate with people.

If you want to be in a relationship that is strong and growing, you have to learn to be intimate with your partner. You have to learn to be comfortable with them and for them to be comfortable with you. You have to allow them to feel that they can talk to you about anything and to be at a level of comfort where you can discuss anything that happens in your life.

Intimacy and Sex

Intimacy and sex are not necessarily the same thing even though when you have sex it is intimate. Some people think of intimacy and sex but there is a level of intimacy that is emotional and not physical. Intimacy can be a relationship that you have.

Being intimate does not have to involve sex but it is about an experience and being very close with someone. When you have an intimate relationship with someone, you feel deeply connected to them.

Being intimate with your partner means that you are close to them and serious in your relationship. You want your relationship to grow so that you are closer to this person each and everyday and that you are connecting with them based on more than attraction.

Sex will be part of your intimate relationship and having healthy sex is important and exciting, but you should work on your emotional intimacy as well.

Authentic Intimacy

Authentic intimacy is a feeling of closeness that you will have with your partner. This will be the person in your life that you feel comfortable with and you can trust them with anything. This is a thing that couples need to have, and you need to learn to be vulnerable with each other and to have someone in your life that you trust so deeply that you cannot even express it.

Some people are shy, and they have a hard time being that close with someone and this is just a learning process. Maybe you are uncomfortable being naked around your partner. This can mean that you have low self-esteem that makes it hard for you but if your partner is supportive, you will work through this because they love you just like you are.

Some other people have a problem with emotional intimacy. They have a hard time opening up completely because they feel that they will be rejected or put down and this can cause them to feel embarrassed about opening up. Know that your partner is there for you.

Your partner wants you to open up so that your relationship can be deeper. You may feel that you are not good enough but if your partner is patient with you, you will see that you can build this intimacy and you will appreciate each other as time goes on. Relationships are always growing and changing and when you want to be closer to your partner, you can see that you can make it through anything.


You have to have real intimacy and it has to come from deep inside of you. This is something that you cannot fake and something that you need to work on if it is not there. You might want to get closer to your partner and you have to learn to commit to them with your heart.

Intimacy has to be real and in order for this to happen, you have to commit to each other and set boundaries. You have to respect each other and learn to grow closer together. You have time to work on things and you need to not force intimacy and let it become natural.

Some couples have an easy time with physical intimacy, and they might not have a problem bathing together or being in the same bathroom together. They are comfortable with each other and if you have a unique relationship, being intimate might be natural for you.

You might be so close to your partner that you feel that you are more comfortable with their body even than your own. Take things slow and become more intimate as time goes on.

Improving Intimacy

Improving your intimacy has to be natural and you have to let it be real. You want to be comfortable and you want your partner to feel safe and comfortable as well.

The best thing that you can do to build this intimacy is to spend time alone together. You need to learn to enjoy each other and spend time growing. Even if you are busy, learn something new about your partner each day and show them how important they are to you.

Do things together and be adventurous. Doing fun activities with each other can increase your bond and make you closer to each other. Find things to do that are fun and that are new experiences for both of you.

If you both like to stay at home, try cooking a meal together or watching new movies. Just have fun.

Have healthy sex and be sexual with your partner. Be as physical as you can with them and speak to them about what you like.

It might be weird to talk about sex with your partner, but this can open up a new world for both of you and make you enjoy the sex even more.

Help with Intimacy Issues

If you find that you are not able to open up to your partner, maybe it is something from your past that is holding you back. If you have been in bad relationships and have experienced hard things, you might have commitment issues. These will make you feel like you are weird or alone.

You can talk to a professional or a counselor to help you with these problems and they can help you to learn to be more intimate. If you need help, talk to someone, and let them assist you.

Go online and find a relationship counselor or ask your doctor. If you are dealing with things such as depression, reach out to someone to help you.

Speak with someone and see how they can help you make your relationship better and help you to find real intimacy. You will see that this will be good for you and your partner and will help you solve your problems at home.

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