Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me?

When a guy and a girl are friends, things might start to change at one point or another. Maybe you get flirty with them or maybe they get flirty with you.

Being super close to a guy is something that can be a good relationship but when they are doing things to make you think that they want to be more than friends, it can be confusing. Maybe he is doing things so that you will know he likes you, but you are afraid to ask him because you do not want to take a chance to mess up something that is so good and hurt your friendship.

Here are some things that may prove that he wants to be more than friends:

Hanging Out

If you and your guy always hang out and have fun together, this can be normal for you. What if he begins to ask you to more things such as parties or out for the movies?

Long Term Plans

When a guy likes you, he will begin to make plans with you that are longer term than you are used to. He will make plans for months in advance. This is a sign that he really likes you.


Things have always been purely friendship but now he will grab your arm or put his hand on your shoulder when you are sitting together. This is a sign that his behavior is changing.

Sexual Energy

Maybe when he touches you, you feel that he is flirting with you. His touch might be different than a friends touch or someone in your family. This might mean he wants to be more intimate with you.

Introducing You

Your friend might start introducing more people to meet you. Maybe he is taking you to work functions and introducing you to his family. He is showing you off and wanting to spend more time with you.


On top of meeting more people in your life, if your guy friend is taking the initiative to introduce you to his family, this could be serious.

Seeing You

If your friend is wanting to hang out all the time, you will see that he is wanting more of your attention and your emotions that come with it.

Just You

One big sign that he is into you is if he wants to hang out with just you. He will even want to know what is going on in your personal life.


A guy that talks about relationships is one that is different. Even if you are close to each other and you have fun with each other, now he is telling you how special your friendship is. Pay attention.

Texting and Calling

Communication is important and if your guy friend begins to communicate more with you, chances are he is thinking about you a lot.


When you see a change in how your guy friend talks to you, you will get the feeling he wants to be more than friends.


Does your guy friend not want to hear about who you are dating or who you are getting romantic with? This can be a sign that he wants to see you in a romantic way.

Guys You Date

If your guy is being critical of the guys you date, it might be because he is interested in you.


When you and your guy friend are together, it is like you speak a different language than other people. Does your guy have inside jokes for you? If so, there is a connection that you share that others do not, and this can be a form of intimacy.

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