Being Needy in a Relationship

Being Needy in a Relationship

You should feel good in your relationship and being in a relationship should make you feel full of life and happy.

Just because you want to be the best person that you can be and be happy with your partner doesn’t always mean that you can feel this way. Some people will notice that they become stressed or lack self-confidence in their relationship and this can lead to them being needy.

Being needy can be hard and it can cause you to have a hard relationship with your partner. If you are jealous or you are smothering your partner, you can cause the relationship to become unhealthy.

When you love your partner and want to be with them, this is healthy and part of a good relationship but when you find that you cannot live without them and you need them all the time, this can cause harm in your relationships.

Being too needy can sabotage your relationship. Here are some signs that you are being too needy, and you are on the track to lose your relationship:


You have to be who you are. You want to spend time with your partner, but you also need time with yourself and your friends and family and so does he.

If you are spending all of your time with your partner, then you lose who you are. What if you were to break up with your partner?  You need to stop being so needy.


People will argue and this is normal. If you have a partner and they talk to someone of the opposite sex and it sends you into a madness and makes you accuse them, you are being too needy.


Couples are always checking in with each other through texts and this is a good way to know you are thinking about each other.

Too much texting and having one sided conversations because you aren’t getting a response can show you are being needy.


There is a healthy way to be jealous and there is an over extreme way of being jealous. Being jealous means, you don’t want to lose something important to you but if you are always being jealous over things, you need to stop controlling them.


You should have time to miss your partner. You need to spend time away from them and apart. Being with your partner all the time is not healthy.

A healthy relationship will happen when you are able to be with someone and have independence. You should both have your own friends and hobbies without each other.


You need to stop stalking your partner on social media. This is being needy and jealous and can cause stress in the relationship.

Learn to develop your relationship and have trust for them. Do not manipulate your partner or force them to give you passwords. Trust them or you will be in a toxic relationship.

Too Fast

If you have neediness, chances are you have low self-esteem. This means you are insecure, and you can attach too fast to people.

Attaching too fast means that you go too fast into the relationship and this can be a sign you are needy.


If your partner is with you then he likes you. Do not demand your partner to always reassure how you look and complement you. They should be loyal to you and you might not ever believe them.

Constantly needing reassurance will be unhealthy.


You should miss your partner if they go off for a weekend without you, but it shouldn’t make you sad or lonely. You have to find a relationship outside of your spouse and make friends and spend time with family.

Learn to work on yourself and make sure you are being an individual as well as a couple.

Getting Over Neediness

Being needy is something you have to work to get over. It is like a bad habit, but you can fix it.


Having good communication with your partner will build a healthy relationship. Learn to work together and to fix arguments in a good way. Learn to know each other deeply.

If you are needy you are ruining your relationship and you are not being practical. Learn to stop being defensive when they talk to you and tell them about your feelings to make your relationship stronger.

Social Media

Social media can hurt your mental health. If you spend too much on social media, then you will make unrealistic expectations about your own life and others.

Stop looking at your spouse and their past online. This can cause you to be jealous and make you nervous that they will cheat on you.

If your partner has given you a reason to trust them, you have to let things go and feelings go and learn to really trust them.

Take a break from social media and see if you feel better about who you are and your relationship.


People sometimes need to talk to someone outside of their lives. Go to a counselor and talk to them about your relationship and your past.

Go to someone you can trust, and this can help to make your relationship stronger. Go as a couple and talk to someone about how strong and how weak you are feeling.

Take a marriage class and go online so that you can learn ways to talk to your partner and to stop being so needy. Find who you are and trust your relationship to be good.


Do not be so needy that you ruin your relationship. You have to trust your partner so that you can have a healthy life. Learn to be for them and let go of things that make you unhappy.

Improve your life and health and you will stop being so needy.

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