11 Reasons to Stay Committed to Finding Love

Stay Committed to Finding Love

Dating can drain your energy and sense of self.  If you have struggled in the love department it can feel natural to want to give up.  Online dating has made it easier to discover people, but unfortunately acts like ghosting has increased a sense of burnout.  No matter how trying it can be, try to maintain resilience.  If you are worried that it’s time to give up, here are 11 reasons you should keep fishing in the sea of love.  There is a perfect person for everyone out there.

  1. Every date teaches you lessons: The date could be successful or a total flop, you still are able to learn something from the experience.  Often the lessons aren’t life-changing, but you may find your new favorite café or a fresh perspective on life.
  2. Any person can be “the one:” Every date brings you closer to finding the love of your life. Sure, you may have to kiss a few frogs, but you will learn what you like and don’t.
  3. Enjoy the ride: Look at dating as being on a journey instead of trying to achieve a goal.  This way you are able to appreciate the small moments in life and the new people and experiences you will have along the way.  Even when you eventually get into a relationship you will still face challenges.  Trust in yourself and the process.  Keep yourself open to receiving all the new opportunities and blessings.
  4. Psychic can’t tell you if you get the fairytale ending: Psychics can give you guidance on the path to love, but they don’t get to see your ending.  Humans are gifted freewill so they have the ability to shape their destiny or miss the warning signs along the way.
  5. It’s all about timing: You may discover your ideal partner, but they could still be in a relationship or working through emotional baggage.  Keep open communication and trust your intuition.  Everything will work out as it should in due time.
  6. Honor the fire and the flame: Fire gives off both sparks and a steady burn.  When you first meet a person, you can burn hot and passionate, but pay special attention to they one that nurtures your spirit and is reliable.  Looks fade, but personality is forever.  Stoke the flames of the one that makes you feel like the best version of yourself instead of the one that only turns you on in the bedroom.
  7. It’s ok to say “no,” so you can say “yes” later: To find lasting love you need to know when its not clicking with the person you are dating.  As you evolve you need to let go of people, interests, and thinking that no longer benefits you.  When you clean out space in your mind and heart, you allow new opportunities and blessings to enter.
  8. Embrace reality over fantasy: The Prince Charming of our fairytales doesn’t really exist.  Real people are quirky and flawed.  If you are happy, respected, and enjoying yourself why continue dating other people?  You don’t want to risk losing good people because you are chasing a fantasized Mr. Right.
  9. Trust your gut: You may fear the unknown, but don’t let it derail you from finding the best possible mate for yourself.  Limited negative thinking as the Law of Attraction states that you manifest your thoughts.  If you want to find love, you must trust that you will find love.  Plus, a positive mindset helps shift energy and allow you to feel more optimistic and hopeful.  Positive people will attract other positive people.
  10. Put in the effort: Its hard work finding and maintaining love.  You have to keep making the choice to be open and vulnerable with other people.  You will experience rejection.  Everyone is capable of finding and enjoying love.  It will take hard work, but it is worth the effort to enjoy time with the love of your life.
  11. You deserve love: Facing rejection during dating can take a toll on your psyche.  Try to be graceful and patient with yourself.  See all the wonderful facets about yourself instead of your lack of romantic partner.  When you are able to accept yourself, flaws and all, allows you to be ready for love.  As we focus on ourselves and our self-growth, we can ensure we form a healthy relationship that is fulfilling for both partners.  You are wonderful just the way you are and definitely worth of enjoying love.

Finding love is difficult and requires a lot of effort.  Work through the frustration and keep being resilient.  Everyone deserves to find and enjoy love.  If you put in the hard work and remain patient, you will meet your ideal partner.  Then together you can work to ensure your love will last a lifetime.

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